Hinge Repair Kit

The Hinge Repair Kit is an elegant solution for repairing a torn-out cabinet hinge mount. A plastic part attached with four screws simply covers the damaged hinge. There are many different kinds of concealed hinges. In order to secure the hinge, it is important that the part fits well on the hinge. I tested many solutions and shapes. Trust me, I have seen a lot of hinges:-) As a result, I am proposing here a Hinge Repair Kit that in my opinion covers most of “normal”, concealed hinges (e.g. in EU IKEA PAX cupboards).

Hinge Repair Kit 1W1 - IKEA PAX hinge
Hinge Repair Kit 2W1 - IKEA KOMPLEMENT soft closing hinge
Hinge Repair Kit 3W1 - IKEA PAX hinge (cupboard side)

In case you find it useful or have some comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know (see below for comment section). 


Securing concealed hinge with 3D printed cover

Reinstalling hinges to another location

Hinge Repair Kit 1W1

Quick Simple Fix for Particle or Chipboard

7 thoughts on “Hinge-Repair-Kit”

  1. This is a great idea. I would buy this as I have had a couple of hinges fail on me this way. Do you have an idea of the opposite end if the hinge? I.e the one on the body of the cabinet. That one has failed on me.

  2. Hello, Do you have something for the other end of the hinge? My damage is not on the door but on the cabinet side. Many thanks, Ann

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